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Jazz Middelheim 2015


jazz middelheim 2015

Agency: Partly Fiction & AGX | Client: Jazz Middelheim

During my internship at Partly Fiction I also worked on this commercial for the Jazz Middelheim jazz festival. It had to be based on the print campaign, which featured a bunch of rectangles in different colors and a black circle, and its feel had to be inspired by Saul Bass' work. The way the event title appears on screen at the end, for example, is a little nod to his title design for Hitchcock's Psycho. I spent quite some time on trying to find a fun way to make the artist names appear on screen and then experimented a bit with different compositions and animations for a few of the scenes together with Kristof, who pasted all of them together and added the finishing touches.

Direction: Kristof Luyckx | Animation: Kristof Luyckx & Lieve Keustermans