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Welterusten, mijnheer de president


Welterusten, mijneer de president

Client: OpenVRT & Radio 1

I was given the opportunity by Radio 1, one of Belgium's national radio channels, and OpenVRT, a platform that supports young creatives, to make a music video for a Dutch language song. The song I chose was Boudewijn de Groot's "Welterusten, mijnheer de president" (which translates to "Sleep Tight, Mr. President"). This anti-war song, written and recorded in 1966 during the Vietnam war, talks about how decisions made by one man in power have a huge, and mostly terrible, impact.

What I wanted to achieve with this animated video, was to show that this is a story of all ages, and can be applied to the present day as well. I am doing this by contrasting scenes from the daily life of a figure in power with scenes that depict the consequences of his rulings. Mundane activities like playing golf in the morning, getting dressed and having a drink are placed in juxtaposition to serious topics like the refugee crisis, systemic racism and global warming. 

This is one of my favorite projects to have worked on because I had pretty much 100% creative freedom, while also being able to address (and hopefully make people think about) an important issue. I would like to thank Camille at OpenVRT for making this happen and taking care of the practical things, as well as Vincent Schroeven for his advice on storytelling and getting my message across :).


Boudewijn de Groot - Welterusten, mijnheer de president